because the customer is always…

Opinionated. I realize I am behind the times in the blogging world. In fact, the first time I heard the word ‘Blog’, I politely waited for the speaker to excuse themselves. Until only very recently I learned that blogging is an avenue to expose your mind, not your indigestion… so for those of you who should choose to see within: ‘Scuze me!

The intention of this Blog is essentially to report on mentionable money spending encounters and the holistic experience returned to the payer. This will include everything from a basic retail purchase, to a vacation spot, cell phone providers (don’t get me started), and fast food to fine dining. I will provide my take as a real-life individual living in Saint John – spending my hard earned dollars.

Hopefully, if you are investing your non-refundable time to read what I have to say, you will become a satisfied customer that learns some benefit, or at least a lesson from my consumer-related mistakes and successes.

… and let the consumer-isms begin!


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  1. 1

    Jeff said,

    I am very interested in what is to come…

    Funny and entertaining writing style. Keep going!

  2. 2

    Corey said,

    I totally agree with your views on Suwanna. Their curry dishes (red/chicken is my fav) are the meter stick against which I measure all other food. I have yet to find anything to compare.

    I realy enjoyed your reviews (writing style/content). I’ll be checking back again and again.


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