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San Francisco Gifts Ltd

Sleezy!! Oh for the love of Pete, please don’t spend a penny here. This company wins the sleezebag award of the century. Let me first describe my experience:

“I’d like to return this unopened product that I purchased here [at San Francisco Ltd., McAllister Place] a couple of days ago, here is my receipt”

“We don’t do exchanges or refunds”

“What? This is not written anywhere on my receipt or in your store..”

[employee slides shit on counter to reveal a hand written note secured with a strip of scotch tape] “Yes it is, it is written right here” [points to shitty note]

“Can I please speak to your manager?”

“I am the manager”

“Can I please have the contact for your head office?”

“We don’t give that information out”

With the magic of a simple google search, I was able to find said contact info: 12210 Mount Lawn Road, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, T6E-0A9  fax (780) 436 3155, phone (780) 438 4412, along with documentation on a slew of charges against the sole proprietor of this sleezebag company, Barry Slawsky, for being a sleezebag in the sleeziest of sleeze.

Six years ago, police raided Mr. Slawsky’s (pictured) office in an Edmonton warehouse and found a stash of counterfeit safety labels and a letter from the Chinese manufacturer threatening to go to the authorities about the labels. The counterfeit safety labels were for lamps that were lighting on fire after customers brought them home and plugged them in. Rather than pulling the faulty product from the shelves, and tucking his tail between his legs for being a total douche, genius Slawsky had his genius employees lie to authorities and continued to sell the cheap shit lamps from his 50 stores across Canada. This led to multiple police raids and discovery of further sleezebag offences leading to more sleezebag charges for total sleezebag activity within his stores.

The judge called Slawsky’s case “a despicable fraud,” adding that if Slawsky had pleaded guilty personally (rather than through his company), he would have imposed “a term of imprisonment.” (CBC 2006)

Burning down customer’s houses and fabricating fake labels in order to make a few bucks selling cheap shitty lamps is an awesome idea in the eyes of Slawsky.

I think it would be equally awesome to blatantly rip people off on a daily basis, sell cheap disgusting sex related junk in the back corner of your stores, and ensure your underpaid employees provide super shitty customer service…  there’s no better business model really.

Save yourselves.


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Opera Bistro and Symphony NB [perfect pair]

Raptured. Last night, we had an evening with New Brunswisk’s Symphony. We made dinner arrangements at the ever amazing Opera Bistro, where Margret Begner treated us better than royal house guests, with 4 courses of amazing talent, artistically plated by the ever talented chef, Axel Begner. Courses were perfectly timed, portions were just the right size, and our wine glasses were always half full of Wolfblass Cab Sauv. – the perfect pairing for our German Beef Roulade, that arrived nestled into a bed of steaming buttery mashed potatoes.

Arts and culture is alive and well in Saint John. I remember back to my first CD, (you know, those round disk things that you used to put into music players?) which included Mozart’s Ninth. I loved the drama, the intrigue, the feeling of luxury and class it evoked. It was like listening to a universal language of human expression. 

I was first introduced to the intrigue of a live orchestra in Salzburg, Austria, birthplace and home of Mozart, in 1997. I couldn’t believe the feeling. I became completely enveloped in the ecstacy of sound, it was like being inside a capsule of whirling sentiments.

Once inside the grandness of Saint John’s Imperial Theater last evening, I entered that capsule again when Chopin started.

It was rapture, it was elation. The music had replaced my thoughts with a kaleidescope of rumbling colors and spining shapes. During those soaring moments I was in the best place in the whole world, the envy of all humankind. Experiencing the sounds of a live symphony is supernatural, something that every human being should experience.

Get out and do this Saint John. We are so lucky to have this experience ready for us right next door.

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