Opera Bistro and Symphony NB [perfect pair]

Raptured. Last night, we had an evening with New Brunswisk’s Symphony. We made dinner arrangements at the ever amazing Opera Bistro, where Margret Begner treated us better than royal house guests, with 4 courses of amazing talent, artistically plated by the ever talented chef, Axel Begner. Courses were perfectly timed, portions were just the right size, and our wine glasses were always half full of Wolfblass Cab Sauv. – the perfect pairing for our German Beef Roulade, that arrived nestled into a bed of steaming buttery mashed potatoes. http://www.operabistro.com/operabistro/

Arts and culture is alive and well in Saint John. I remember back to my first CD, (you know, those round disk things that you used to put into music players?) which included Mozart’s Ninth. I loved the drama, the intrigue, the feeling of luxury and class it evoked. It was like listening to a universal language of human expression. 

I was first introduced to the intrigue of a live orchestra in Salzburg, Austria, birthplace and home of Mozart, in 1997. I couldn’t believe the feeling. I became completely enveloped in the ecstacy of sound, it was like being inside a capsule of whirling sentiments.

Once inside the grandness of Saint John’s Imperial Theater last evening, I entered that capsule again when Chopin started.

It was rapture, it was elation. The music had replaced my thoughts with a kaleidescope of rumbling colors and spining shapes. During those soaring moments I was in the best place in the whole world, the envy of all humankind. Experiencing the sounds of a live symphony is supernatural, something that every human being should experience.

Get out and do this Saint John. We are so lucky to have this experience ready for us right next door.


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    Bernard Cormier said,

    Enjoyed this great account of of your dining and music experience! I had the distinct pleasure of experiencing music in Saltzburg too, when I attended the Saltzburg Festival. it’s one of my favourite places.

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